Our story began from the desire to resume an old project started by our grandparents. They wanted to cultivate the indigenous vines that have always been cultivated in our territory, therefore well rooted and adapted to the pedoclimatic conditions, and the make them on the spot.

We have converted the old marquee-type plants with new counter-espalier farming methods to increase the quality of the grape raw material thanks to the inherited experience and the knowledge acquired through in-depth studies. Furthermore, all the vineyards are BIO certified from 2017.

Love for our land comes out from the respect for the native vines “vertically trellised”, a way of plantation with an horizontal permanent cord used as an extension of the trunk

Thanks to the respect of the land tradition and its vines, we produce wines such as Nero di Toia, one of the oldest and most characteristic in the northern of Apulia, Primitivo, introduced into our region by the Phoenician colonization or the next Hellenic one, and Negramaro, dating back to the Greek colonization.

A story that reflects itself in the tradition of our company, in the passion for our job which has its roots in family history

The grapes who are produced in our 22 hectares of land are harvested and vinified in our cellar with the most modern wine-making techniques. The company operates in a short supply chain since all the production steps take place internally with the management of the owners Gianni (wine-making expert) and Nicola (winemaker) with the collaboration of external technicians.

From the care of our vineyards to produce excellent quality grapes, the wine making and refining of the wines take place at a controlled temperature until the final bottling phase. All stages of production are kept under control daily to ensure the highest quality, healthiness and organoleptic expression of the final product.